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“Our experience with M1 has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our daughter learned a tremendous amount about the game and we watched her skills improve significantly throughout the season.  The staff is very qualified to coach, all with impressive playing time and even Division 1 experience. They also have brought in speakers that discuss the collegiate recruiting process and overall health/nutrition with the girls.  The staff always lead by example in the way they conduct themselves in both practice and games. Good sportsmanship is strongly promoted and we are confident that our daughter is learning skills that will extend well beyond the game of volleyball.  We are so happy to have found our M1 volleyball family and look forward to many years together.”

Kristy J Lowery, 12’s

“My daughter had a great experience at M1. She had never played Volleyball before. She worked hard, learned a lot, and became a baller! M1, gave her the LOVE for Volleyball! She is already excited for this club season!”
- Jessica 


“We have the utmost respect for M1 coaches and their support and encouragement of player development first and foremost. M1 has been more than a club, it’s family. They promote unity across all teams and work to build up skills and confidence in each of their players. Our daughter improved dramatically in just one season, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful team of coaches at M1! We are looking forward to the next season!”

Jen Brendemuehl 13’s


“M1 VBC came at the perfect time! Our family loved having a more affordable option, closer to home, that still offered the same competitive atmosphere. Everyone involved in the club has been great!”

Katie Lounsberry, 14’s


“Making the move to M1 was the best decision we made!  Having played for another local club we knew there would be a risk moving to not only a different club, but also a club that was just starting.  From the very first practice we new we made the right choice. All of the coaches bring the experience you would expect, and more importantly they truly got to know our daughter.  Win or lose, all of the coaches are very supportive and make every effort to help our daughter, and all of their players on and off the court. It’s like a big family that loves to play volleyball!”

Randy Schwartz, 13’s

“We had a great experience with M1! It was so nice to have both our daughters together at the same tournaments.” - Jake


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